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One Great Example of Unique

Lo_res_5x7_by_pool Niches give people a way to understand what your business is all about. Niches tell people when to call you instead of someone else.

The most obvious example I’ve seen recently is in the dog training arena.

There are thousands of people who train dogs. You can find them in every town; even in your local PetSmart. Most people see this service as a commodity. Lowest price wins as a result.

Then there is a man named Cesar Millian. Cesar is unique in a commodity driven world. Instead of training dogs, Cesar rehabilitates dogs and trains owners. He has a talent to understand the problem on a very deep level.

He has a remarkable talent and produces amazing results. He exudes happiness in adding value to the lives of others. My guess is Cesar can name his price and people will happily pay it.

If you want to see a great niche in action visit If you love dogs, be sure to watch Cesar on National Geographic television.

Now, look at your business and talent. What is the niche you can best serve? What is the greatest gift you can offer another person?

Creating the Purpose Driven Web Site

Most business web sites tend to place emphasis on their product or service instead of their client.

As a result, they under perform. Business owners don’t understand that their web site is actually a direct response marketing tool.

Each page of your site should be focused on the value your visitor receives from reading it. Short sentences, a conversational tone of voice and no more than 5 lines per paragraph is a goal.

If your message doesn’t draw the reader in by the time three seconds have elapsed, you’ve lost them.

Sub Heads with Bullet Points Help Readers

  • Skim easily.
  • Get the message conveniently.
  • Understand key-points quickly.

Highlighting important items with bold helps visitors skim easily while still understanding the message.

Eliminate risk by offering a guarantee, if you are selling products or services on your web site

A business web site is really just a series of related pages put together around a common theme.

A single page web site is most effective for selling a specific program. See for a recent example of this idea.

Note: To learn more about creating web sites with purpose study successful marketers including: Seth Godin, Jay Conrad Levinson, Allen Says, Ken Evoy, Jay Abraham, Mitch Meyerson, Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Joe Vitale and others.

This Weeks Action

1. Create a marketing plan for your web site.

2. Be sure every page of your current web site has a purpose, desired outcome and easy to understand action step.

3. Eliminate any pages that don’t reinforce your focused purpose and desired outcome.

4. Provide detailed information by offering a manifesto, that can be downloaded at no cost, instead of adding another page of content to your web site.

5. Promote your web site on ALL of your marketing communications.

6. Produce a newsletter or blog on a consistent basis to keep the communication between your clients, prospects and your company flowing.

Next Week

How to Communicate Regularly with Clients and Prospects

What My Ten Year Old Stepson Taught Me About Selling


In his home in California, my stepson, Shane, has a dog named Justice and Justice loves to bark. In fact, barking was one thing Justice does well and often.

Shane’s dad was at the breaking point and decided to have Justices’ barker removed surgically. This of course upset Shane very much.

So, being the bright kid that he is, Shane asked his dad, “How much does the surgery cost?” His dad told him and Shane started looking at the options.

He checked out dog trainers in the area. He found one that was reasonably priced and went back to his dad with his “presentation.”

"Dad, if surgery costs $350 and dog training only costs $200, it makes sense to have Justice trained instead. You’ll save money AND Justice will be a better dog."

His dad had to agree and Justice is now trained and happy, with his barker intact.

Consider what you sell the same way. What is the ROI and benefit of your solution? Think of your business model with the same passion and determination that Shane brought to helping Justice. You’ll enjoy the results, guaranteed.