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Kids can really help you notice things. This past week, we found out about Golden Gloves Minor League Professional Baseball. I never heard of it, saw a sign somewhere, looked it up online and found out we had a team playing in our area called the Surprise Fighting Falcons. Who knew?

Of course, my stepson, passionate Little League catcher, Shane, wanted to go. So we did. Our Safeway Club Card even got us 2-for-1 tickets. $20 later my wife Michelle, Shane and I were sitting behind home plate, in the first row, watching the game.

As the game progressed I became curious. How had I missed this all summer long? I started asking questions, which led to Shane being invited back the next day to throw out the first pitch.

Next night, another $20, closer seats next to the Fighting Falcons dugout, Shane was throwing out the first pitch, playing the between inning games, announcing the home team players coming up to bat in the bottom of the 6th inning and having a baseball signed by a number of our home team players.

P8160423Needless to say, it was a real thrill for Shane. I liked seeing Shane enjoy baseball close up. Michelle was thrilled by all the opportunity Shane had, interacting with the coaches, players and  even the event itself.

The team’s people told me, “The crowd isn’t so good because the team was in third place and not doing well this season. NEXT season will be different, once they are playing better.”

Are you kidding me? Baseball is NOT the real story the Fighting Falcons need to tell. Instead, tell me about the players signing a baseball for kids. Let me know how close to the big league looking action your family can sit for just a few bucks.

Tell me about the look on your son or daughters face when they are asked to throw out the first pitch or announce the batters coming up to the plate for the bottom of the 6th or leading the crowd singing “Take me out to the ballgame” in the 7th inning.

It looks like big league baseball. The young and young at heart are thrilled.

The Surprise Fighting Falcons are in the “creating family moments” business. But it appears they think they are in the new professional league baseball industry.

How about you? Are you telling the most compelling story to your target audience?

Learn from the Surprise Fighting Falcons. Make sure your story is gripping and correct. Then tell it in an entertaining, creative and exciting way.