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Your Observations Are Interesting to People Who Care

Communicate with Clients and Prospects Regularly

Regular, permission based communication is one key to long term business growth.

Yet, we all tend to let communication with clients and prospects slip. The reason? We say there is not enough time in the day to talk to this vital group of people consistently.

Consider these communication strategies that incorporate creative Human Touch elements.

1. A regularly published newsletter. Reach out, with permission, on a consistent basis. When you do, clients and prospects will understand your ideas and vision better.

2. Blogs. Not only does a blog drive natural search engine traffic to your web site, it forces you to articulate your observations, opinions and ideas.

3. Send a letter. This one is SO old, it’s become new again. Try it. You’ll be very surprised at how well it’s received.

4. Pick up the telephone. Nothing says I care and want to know more about you than a telephone call. Communicate by telephone when you have something relevant and interesting to say.

5. Email. Like the telephone, when the message is relevant, anticipated and interesting, email works. The rest of the time – toss it to the wayside.

6. Seminars and public speaking. Anytime you can communicate to a group of interested people in mass, just do it!

7. Lunch, breakfast or coffee. Sitting down for 30 to 90 minutes with a client or prospect is a great communication experience. Ask them to tell you about THEIR business and ideas. Then listen to what they are telling you.

8. Attend a seminar or event that you find interesting. You’ll enjoy the experience, learn something helpful and meet interesting people with common interests.

9. Golf or any other away from the office fun time. Take a good client or a strong prospect out for a few hours of fun. You will build rapport and get to know more about who this person really is.

This Weeks Action

1. Study the 9 ideas above.

2. Pick one to accomplish this week.

3. For the next 8-weeks after this one, accomplish a different idea, with a relevant client or prospect.

4. On week 9 or 10, email me at to let me know about your experience of turning total strangers into friendly new clients.

Or let me know about how marginal clients became long term and valued advocates.

I’ll publish the best responses in future blog entries at

Next Week

Your Personal Observations Are Interesting to People Who Care.