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The Story You Tell Reflects the Business You Get

In the book All Marketers Are Liars, author Seth Godin explores a new paradigm. 'Liars' explains the process of unfolding a "story" (he calls it a lie) that reflects an authentic message about the storyteller.

After the story is developed, it is directed at a group of people who have a worldview that can be leveraged toward your story.

Seth defined worldview as "The lens they use to determine whether or not they're going to believe a story."

That kind of Genius Thinking leads us to consider 3 things.

1. What talent and ideas are you actually selling in the market? Selling a talent and providing supporting ideas to a niche group of buyers is the path to follow today.

2. Who cares the most about your talent and idea? What is the worldview that gives this group of people the motivation to care about your story?

3. If you were telling a story about your talent and idea over coffee with a friend, what would you say? How would you casually explain what you do?

All that's left is to tell that story to a group of people who have the mental framework in place to care. Put it all together and you have a story that will reflect the business you actually get.

This Weeks Action

1. Evaluate your talents, passions and values in business. What is the "talent" you offer? What ideas support that talent in creating your offer for the market? You have now created your unique story.

2. Who cares? Make a list of the characteristics of the people who have the worldview to care about your story.

3. Add specific names of existing clients and prospects who exhibit the traits that fit into your worldview characteristics list. Contact this group of people first.

4. Record or write down your authentic story. Once you're comfortable and understand your unique vision, you're ready to take your story into the marketplace.

5. SHOUT your new, authentic story from every roof top in neighborhoods where your ideal clients live. If you're in a B2B type of business, neighborhood refers to your prospects office or place of business.

You are no longer selling a business service or product. You're capitalizing on your greatest strength and only telling your story to people who have reason to care.

A very special thanks tp Seth Godin for his remarkable Genius Thinking and great ideas.

Bonus Action Step

Email your new authentic story to me at
I'll give you a quick critique on your story and if needed, make suggestions on how to strengthen it.

Next Week

Get Out and Sell That Story Today!

The REAL Price of Cheap

Jeremy Tuber of Can-Do Graphics inspired me to comment on cheap pricing.

He sent me an email about his prospect, who went on line and found a website auto-builder instead of moving forward with a services recommendation Jeremy made.

They said “It seems pretty easy and much more affordable for our needs at this time.” 

What’s the REAL cost of the cheaper, you-build-it alternative?

Well, if you study internet marketing and web building, it will be a low cost for hosting and maintaining the new site.

As long as you have enough bandwidth for traffic, know how to place Meta tags and have an optimization plan in place, no problem.

If you have no idea what I just said, you need a pro like Jeremy Tuber to help you along.

The cost of hiring a pro is slightly more.

But the cost of a poor business image is significantly higher. Once credibility is compromised it is almost impossible to get back.Often, when you save pennies you end up losing dollars.

Don’t make this mistake. Hire people who authentically CARE about your outcome and let them do the work they do best.

Then, when working with YOUR clients, be sure to do the same. Be hired because you add value to the business and life of another person. Care that THEY get results from your service.

You’ll earn more, quicker and with a LOT less trouble. Caring is worth its weight in gold.

How Important is "Caring" to Your Small Business?

Here's an example from Theodora Carter of the Professional Healing and Therapy Clinic in Tempe, Arizona.

"I recently spoke with a personal banker at a well-known bank in the Valley. It took her a week to follow through on a question that could have been answered in 24 hours.  On the third day I called her, only to be told she did not have a answer. Her exact words were” When I hear something, I’ll let you know.”  After calling and leaving messages on the 6th and 7th day, I took action and called the designated department."

Theodora goes on to tell me the REALLY "Good Part".

"I told a friend about my experience. She spoke highly of her personal banker at another bank. She relayed examples of the excellent customer service and the competence and caring of her personal banker. This information lead me to closing all accounts with the old bank and beginning a relationship with a new bank and personal banker."

So, people talk, talk leads to recommendations and recommendations lead to new accounts being opened for the astute business person who cares.

How many ways can you show your clients how much you care?

Theodora's Professional Healing and Therapy Clinic is at 1801 S. Jen Tilly Lane, Suite A-18, Tempe, AZ 85281.