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Buying Facilitation - Expansive Thinking in Modern Selling

Sharon Drew Morgen challenges us to think of sales in a new light. Embracing a sales/product/information mindset is a thing of the past. She asks us, “Do you want to sell or have someone buy?”

Conventional sales thinking still focuses on ideas developed in the 1930’s: how to manage the product sale.

Through buying facilitation sellers learn to help buyers buy. "You must help buyers make sense of their buying culture and make congruent decisions that will allow for change without disruption," Morgen recommends. "Until or unless this happens they are not going to buy."

All buyers ask the same 3 questions in the same sequence before making a decision:

  1. What’s missing and how did it get that way?
  2. How can we fix it with what’s familiar? How can we fix it ourselves?
  3. What cultural issues need to be addressed before people are willing to change the status quo?

Only when a prospect recognizes they cannot fix their problem with anything familiar will they consider trying something new.

Buying Facilitation teaches buyers how to recognize and manage their own internal decision making; which will invite sellers into their process as part of the collaboration.

Sellers will then have an automatic competitive advantage. Price will not be a determining factor. It’s a wholly new model that is aligned with our business environment today.

To begin using Buying Facilitation consider:

1. How can you help your buyers discover all of the pieces that would play a part in their final decision?

2. How can you help buyers find a way through their entire system of people, initiatives, resources, etc?

3. How can you support current prospects in choosing you over the competition?

4. What new beliefs do you need to accept before being able to adopt a Buying Facilitation point of view?

5. How will you handle your new job of helping buyers discover their own solutions rather than coming up with solutions for them?

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Special thanks to Sharon Drew Morgan for sharing her insights and Buying Facilitation Method® with us.

To learn more, request a sample packet, including two chapters of Sharon Drew Morgen’s e-book Buying Facilitation: The New Way to Sell That Influences and Expands Decisions, with my complements. Email

Go Out and Sell That Story Today!

Whenever most people think about promotions (sales), they inevitably feel fear creep into their heart.

The reason they are frightened is because they are not clear on 5 simple things.

1. Talent in business
2. Prime benefit
3. Identity
4. Niche
5. Ideal client

Once clarity is gained in these 5 areas the small business owner is ready, willing and able to tell the world about the value they provide other people.

Get Motivated to Sell That Story Today!

First, sell yourself on the outcome you give. When you understand your talent and are genuinely enthusiastic about your clients, you will enjoy sharing your work with them.

Be authentic when you communicate your value to others. Speak with passion. Look for opportunities to communicate your value.

Write down your story. Create articles or short information pieces that force you to explain your story in greater detail.

This Weeks Action

1. Identify your talent in business.

2. Develop your prime benefit statement. Base it on client feedback and testimonials.

3. Be sure your niche, identity and ideal client are developed. Base it on market research not conjecture.

4. Sell yourself first. Then sell other people who are close to you. You'll become more comfortable when you get feedback under "friendly fire" first.

5. Make sure your story is truly you talking. Authentic communication is a major advantage you have as a small business owner. Use it to your profitable advantage.

6. Write a 300 to 500 word article about your passion and talent in business. Offer to share your article with prospects (at no charge), but only with permission.

7. Communicate with your ideal client frequently. Offer education and information they can't get anywhere else.

8. Treat people who buy from you as clients (one who is under the protection of another). Whenever you talk to clients, communicate as a trusted advisor and friend.

Realize that people do business with people they like. Your clients are members of an extended and valuable family.

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