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Proof; Advertising is Not Effective

One of my favorite newsletters is IAB Smart Brief. It gives me updates on the latest in marketing in minutes a day.

Today one headline was

"Marketing is Everywhere, but People Just Edit it Out."

And the blurb went on to a say, "It's no secret that on-demand media is decreasing the preeminence of the 30-second TV spot, but marketers are concerned that other types of advertising also might be falling on deaf ears. As advertising becomes ubiquitous, people appear to have a natural tendency to just tune it out."

Which lead to this story in USA Today. Ironically, at the end of the story there were a few ads.

What did I do? I tuned them out of course.

If marketing doesn't tell a relevant story that fits your unique view of the world, you are GONE! That's just our reaction to mass culture marketing.