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Details - Taking Advantage of More Small Things That Matter to Small Business Marketing

Small details make marketing both effective and enjoyable.

Evaluate Small Things and Improve Your Marketing Overnight


  • How you and your staff dress.
  • How your business phone is answered.
  • What your outbound message tells callers when they can't reach you.
  • How promptly someone knowledgeable returns calls.

All are key issues to your marketing success or failure.

Take a look at businesses YOU buy from. What do they do that you dislike?

What can you learn and take back to your own business? The key is to be consistently observant of all businesses you buy from. Learn from their mistakes and capitalize on their strengths.

Here are More Small Details That Matter to Your Clients and Prospects

  1. Hours and days of operation. Are they convenient for your target market?
  2. Telephone demeanor. How do you and your staff say hello and goodbye?
  3. Follow up and quality contact time with clients.
  4. Sharing with peers.
  5. Spare time activities. Everything you do makes a brand impression.
  6. Reputation.
  7. Enthusiasm and passion.
  8. Credibility.
  9. Consistency in marketing.
  10. Flexibility.

And my personal favorite, being a giver instead of a taker.

This Weeks Action

1. Take a look at the bullet points and more small details list above. Write down areas you are not considering or are weak in.

2. Pick 1 area you would like to improve. Improve just 1 area this week.

3. Next week, pick another area to improve. Follow this process until you have improved all the major areas of marketing detail weakness in your business.

4. Email me at to let me know the positive effect improving small details has on your business. I'll post your comments on my Blog. Don't delay, fame and fortune wait!

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