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June 2005

Time Tip # 2

Control your time by listing EVERYTHING you have to do in BOTH your business and life.

Prioritize that list as:

1. Most Important

2. Able to delegate

3. Ongoing Project

Then attack your list each day in order of importance.

Take care of the hardest things on your list first. Then breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having difficult tasks completed.

Seth's Blog: Web pages are so ugly!

Link: Seth's Blog: Web pages are so ugly!. Seth is by far one of the great genius thinkers out there today. What I found most intriguing is his comment at the end of this post.

"As we enter a broadband world, with better browsers and all sorts of tools to improve the experience, is everyone going to be stuck emulating what succeeded in 1999?

It's 2005 and we are still selling and persuading online the way we did 6 years ago. Nothing very remarkable about that I’m afraid. Can we all agree, that the day of the 18 page sales letter online is dead?

Time Tip # 1

If time flies is true, then we definitely need to manage it!

Time Tips are short ideas that help you to do just that - manage time, accomplish what's important to you in your life in business and still have time for FUN!

Tip number 1 - Look at your life in the future. Where do you WANT to go? What is your ideal life like?

Paint a picture today and begin to see your future clearly.

Keep watching for our time tips throughout the week, at unannounced times and dates to be determined.