Half a BILLION Votes
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Dr. Bill Gallagher, an excellent DNFT Chiropractor and friend in Scottsdale, AZ, brought a VERY interesting thought to me that was worth sharing.

Bill wrote -

“The numbers from American Idol do sound staggering but you must consider that after each show viewers had two hours to call in their votes.  My wife and I decided to do that the week before last, being aging hippies we felt a responsibility to vote for Bo. 

In two hours time we got through just over 100 times.  People back home who supported each of the singers more than likely called far more often than we did. 
So you can safely reduce the number of votes so that the 500,000,000 votes were to where at best the votes were probably cast by 5,000,000 and we can bring that down to an average of 500,000 voters for each of the 10 weeks. 

Then Bill goes on to explain –

“The true test will come in the next few months when two or three of the contestants release their first albums (CD's, there I go showing my age again) and you can safely expect them each to move a million copies the day they hit the stores.  Now that is one amazing piece of marketing.”

WOW! Again. American Idol motivated busy people to feel a strong enough passion and connection to people they never heard of before to call in 100 times.

I’d imagine the people who had a personal connection to the contestants may have called in 1,000 or more times.

The final takeaway from A.I. – when you want to sell a million CDs, build a great story, tell it to people who care for some reason and motivate them to participate in something BIG.

Thank you, Bill. This is a great marketing lesson for us all.