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Half a BILLION Votes

In the past, I have not been much of a fan of American Idol. BUT the media attention aroused my curiosity enough to check out the final episode last night.

Having spent 15 years of my life as a pro musician certainly allowed me to understand what the feelings of the contestants must have been.

Then, at 8:50 pm, I heard something shocking to me. 500 Million people voted for various contestants over a 10 week period. 50 MILLION votes per week.

That's a total of half a BILLION votes! And they were for people NO ONE heard of before. Fans just watched the story of a competition unfold and rooted for their favorite for 10 weeks.

Talk about an IdeaVirus at work - YIKES!

I suppose that proves Seth Godin's most recent proposition (All Marketers Are Liars). Stories that compel, sell.