The Transition of a Legend, Jay Conrad Levinson

Jay Conrad Levinson
Last night, the world of small business marketing and creative thinking lost a legend. The great Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, left us at 80 years old.

His daughter, Amy Levinson, shared on Facebook today:

A beautiful man, father, free spirit made his exit gracefully and peacefully to the next adventure. He inspired me and most likely you as well. He knew that in order to know you he had to be in the moment, the here and now and that's what he did with every person who came into his life. Please leave your memories or how he inspired you here!

Amy Levinson, his loving daughter.

I was inspired to reply:

Amy, my deepest condolences on your Dad's transition. Millions of us in micro-business loved him so much for his wit, ideas, inspiration and creative way. 

What an amazing, creative spirit. He was an inspiration to me personally and to my business life for well over 25 years. His words, message and creative ideas inspired me to be more than I would ever have been without them. 

While I never had the privilege to share time with him in person, his creative thinking and magnificent energy changed the way I think about and view business and life. 

Wishing Jay Conrad Levinson a Loving, peaceful and joyful transition after a wonderful life well-lived. He remains an inspiration to me and to us all. I feel privileged to have shared in his creative energy. Always a Guerrilla...

Jay was true inspiration to me personally.

I first learned of his work in the late 1980's after someone told me I would never be any good at sales and marketing.

Jay helped me to prove them wrong through his many breakthrough books.

It was Guerrilla Marketing ideas that helped me succeed in big ways throughout the 1990's.

When I started Creative Thinking for Exceptional Businesses in 2001, the 7 sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan gave me clarity, hope and direction.

Of all the books written by Jay Conrad Levinson the one that always stands out to me is Way Way of the Guerrilla of  the Guerrilla. It is a guide for 21st Century business. 

It inspired us all to live in a mindset of balance, caring and to share our gifts broadly.

It challenged us to reach beyond what we thought possible and to live an inspired life, using our talents and passions to make the difference in the world we are truly here to make.

As I look back on your life, Jay, I can see what I want to do with the rest of mine.

Even in your departure, you inspire me to be greater than I would be without  your wisdom behind me.

For that, I thank you deeply, with all of my heart.

Passion in Your Action

010413-Passion-in-Action-WEWhen it comes to creating a successful small business, there are three sources of power we all must mange successfully.

Those sources of power are:

1. Time

2. Energy

3. Money

We all have an equal amount of time. But personal energy and money can fluxuate widely.

Let's focus on personal energy today.

When you launch "marketing" initiatives, what you are actually doing is looking for ways to "attract" interst to your business and offers.

What's more attactive than a person who is on-fire, passionate about their work and the experiences they create for others?

The fact is, passion attracts interest.

Whereas lack of passion tends to be ignored, generally. 

When you are considering marketing in this new energy of 2013, realize that the power of your passion is perhaps the single-most important aspect. 

In 2013, your small business energy and the authentic passion you have for your work will mean the difference between fulfillment and frustration. 

Image Courtesy of: Oskarsson Photograhy

2013: A New Small Business Path

010313 New Business PathA New Year, 2013. Welcome to a new time, new energy, new way of being for small business owners everywhere. 

A big question many have today is: "Where can I find my 2013 business path? What can I do today to make my small business pop, hum, run like it never has before?" 

Here's some ideas to get you started:

1. Don't dwell on the downside.

Create what you want to see happen in your thoughts and energy first. Your imagination is your most powerful "reality creation" tool. All of your outcomes start with your thoughts and the energy you put into them.

2. Focus on what will work and not what has not worked before.

If you don't know what will work, do something completely different than what you've done in the past. Remember: new energy = new results.

3. Realize that YOU create your own reality.

As a result, decide what you want in your life. Then go out and create it with joy in your heart and passion in your actions.

4. Set a specific time to do the work that moves you forward.

Commit. Decide what you want. Follow your inner guidance in knowing what to do. Trust that voice inside and act, do, take action. Miracles happen when you take ACTION.

5. STOP trying. Either do or decide not to do.

Try is the killer of dreams, the destroyer of fortunes and the limiter of life-long joy.

The business growth drill of 2013 is to:

  • Decide
  • Commit
  • Take ACTION

Works every time.

The only challenge is, it's different than what you've done in the past; making our final bit of advice:

Live for right now, not the past that has already occured or a future that is dependent on your thoughts, energy and action TOday.

TOday is where miracles, success, abundance, freedom and joy occur. They are never found in SOMEday or the dreaded "Soon".

Image Courtesy of: Steve Jurvetson