The Transition of a Legend, Jay Conrad Levinson
The Mental Pictures You Paint

A Moving Memorial for Jay Conrad Levinson

Bill and Jeannie Levinson on Red CarpetI was so honored when David T. Fagan, former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing invited me to attend the Icon Book Tour and memorial service for Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing, last Saturday.

The Icon Book Tour was a great event with many gifted people sharing their bright light and creative ideas.

I even had the opportunity to meet Jay’s wife, Jeannie Levinson (pictured with me on the "Red carpet").

She is an amazing woman, so full of life and love, with a caring and giving energy that affected everyone in a wonderfully positive way.

Her moving story of how she and Jay met 15 years ago reminded me of how my new relationship with Debbie began just this year.

During the memorial Jeannie shared Jay’s final moments, surrounded by family.

From her memories, I feel that everyone attending realized what a blessing a life well lived is. We should all be so blessed as to have the enduring love of family surround us in our transition and a community like Guerrilla Marketing as our final legacy.

The one thing that struck me the deepest about Jay was his proudest accomplishment.

For a man who was an icon of the advertising industry, had authored countless books and created the best known marketing brand in history his proudest accomplishment amazed me.

According to Jeannie, Jay was most proud of the fact that he worked only 3 days a week since 1971. Jeannie Levinson Speaking-Cropped

There’s something we can all learn from.

Accomplishment is fantastic but only when balanced with fun times and strong ties to family and friends.

I know I speak for millions of people who learned from Jay when I say; you’ll always be an inspiration in our hearts, Jay. Your life has touched us all deeply. Thank you for the many gifts you’ve given us.

Always a Guerrilla…

Take a few minutes to watch the loving tribute of Jay's life that we saw at the memorial event. It was a beautiful moment that will be long remembered